Cassandra Delynn is the self-proclaimed “Oprah of Fitness” and inspires women around the world. Her passion and personal commitment to living a life of vitality and freedom, has led her to help women align their lifestyles with their true intentions. Like many women, through various forms of content, Cassandra thought her life would be better if she was skinny. After 5 years of competitive bodybuilding, including earning her Figure Pro card, owning a gym, becoming a certified personal trainer and working with a variety of supplements, it became clear that even being in the best physical shape of your life does not equate to a life of health and happiness. Instinctively she knew being healthy should not be this stressful or difficult.

Realizing her desire wasn’t to be skinny, but to feel confident, free, healthy and full of energy, she knew these things would require some serious lifestyle changes. Her desire to achieve this for herself inspired her to learn the truth about health and fitness. Her frustration mounted as she discovered a wealth of inaccurate information and the messaging that frowned on the idea of women having big, strong glutes. Knowing she wasn’t alone for wanting to feel healthy in addition to looking fit ( not to mention being unable to stay quiet about everything she’d learned) she recognized this is more than a passing interest, but more so her purpose that she needed to fully embrace.


One of my favorite quotes is “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” by Pablo Picasso. I’m the girlfriend that when she discovers something amazing….a book, a song, a restaurant or a clearance sale, I tell everyone about it! The best things in life are made even better when you get to enjoy it with others. And it has been no different for the incredible lifestyle discoveries about health and fitness.

In my search for health, I could find nothing but information about diets and items to buy to help me lose weight. But after 5 years as a competitive bodybuilder, I had learned that losing weight does not equate to feeling naturally full of energy, staying balanced mentally and emotionally or living a lifestyle of health that I would feel comfortable teaching my pre-teen daughter. We are taught about calories in vs. calories out. We are taught about diets and weight loss supplements. We are inundated with artificial ingredients being positioned as actual food. And we have not only celebrities and weight loss ‘experts’, but your every day woman, cosmetically altering their bodies to look ‘healthy’. It’s just not fair! That’s the brutal truth. Who could I turn to and learn about health? Even my physician was more prepared to write me a prescription than to give me guidance on being healthy. And I’ve come to learn that if you cannot find what you are looking for, you have to do the hard work yourself and become who you know you can be! The best thing is that when people you know are looking for the same answers, you can be a part of their solution. Like Ghandi said….”be the change you wish to see in the world”. So, here I am.. I hope you’ll join me.



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