10 Super Girly Reasons to Get In Shape!

10 Super Girly Reasons to Get In Shape!

Now that I’m a full-blown, certifiable, “health nut”, “gym rat”, “veggie lover” etc. I am girly_girls_lift_weights_tshirt-p235039136489522999gsv1_325[1]often asked “how can you do that?” Sometimes from the standpoint of genuine interest, but often implying I’m sacrificing too much. And yeah, I guess I am sacrificing….but all I really think about is how awesome I feel and all of the great things that are happening to me. So, I’ve come up with a list of 10 super girly reasons you will forget about what you’re sacrificing and love what you’re gaining!

1    Hair
You know what’s crazy? I started eating healthy and drinking lots of water to improve the health….of my hair! Having chopped off all my hair to go natural, I wanted to learn all the tips and tricks to rapid hair growth. So, before I knew it, I was eating clean! I noticed the positive “side photoeffects” to my figure and the rest is history. But the fact is, my hair has grown longer, thicker and faster than ever before, as a result of proper hydration, nutrients and the exercise I get every day. What a great win/win this is!
The only con that hair grows fast everywhere! So, I have to pluck my eyebrows in between waxes!

May nails would always grow, but were thin and would break easily. So, I used to get tips put on my nails. Never the long ones….. just a little tip for a modest feminine look. But now, my nails grow so strong and long I no longer need the artificial tip and just get ghealthy nails 2 smallel manicures, showing off my real nails. In fact they grow so fast, I really should be going every 10 days instead of every two weeks because the new nail growth is so obvious!

3     Less Makeup/Improved skin
Everyone touts the benefits of better sleep as a result of working out. But what they don’t talk about is the benefits of that extra sleep! Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m more rested and I drink 1 less cup of coffee in the morning. But what excites me is that the dark circles, that used to require layers of concealer, are diminishing! Now, I still need concealer, but not nearly as much as before and I don’t have that cakey, goop that hides in the creases and corner of your eyes, overly made up look!
And overall, my skin texture has improved. The smattering of powder I wear has much better coverage with my improved skin. And get this….I don’t have to wear lotion anymore! I’m so hydrated that my skin in never ashy…and I’m Black!

4     Sex
Don’t worry, this won’t be TMI. I mean….I am a respectable lady after all.  Not to mention my mother will likely read this at some point…LOL! But, what I will say is that our bodies crave things that make it feel good and the more you give it the more it wants more! So, when you work out, eat sugars, do certain drugs, have sex, etc…. sexyou get an endorphin rush that you’re body loves! And the more frequent and intense the endorphin rush the more and easier your body…um….feels good. Well, I don’t eat sugar and I don’t do drugs. So that leaves my body craving exercise and…. 🙂

5  Cooking
I don’t like stereotyping (mind you, both my father and grandfather are notoriously great cooks, but if you’re one who thinks cooking is a female attribute ), then you’ll love this. When you decide to eat clean, you are also basically deciding to become a cook. By giving up processed foods (fast food, box/bagged meals from the supermarket) you have no choice. Well, I guess you could eat raw, but cooking is a much more appealing option! So you’ll learn the nuances and delicious flavors when mixing and matching fruits, vegetables, seasoning and fresh herbs!

6    Dressing up
I’ve always dressed up for work, but would sometimes bemoan the fact that my clothes had to be pressed and I had to wear heels…envying the uniforms, scrubs or casual attire of my friendAccessories Nests. But now that I’m a sweaty gym rat, two hours/day, 6 days/week I really enjoy my daily transformation back into a more feminine me. And now it’s FUN to kick it up a notch with perfume and accessories!


Excuse to go shopping7
This one is two-fold. Gym gear has come a long way from the Jane Fonda unitard of the 80’s and 90’s! Now that you’ve got new digs (i.e. the gym) you need to be properly dressed. There are so many cute options from sports bra’s, to shorts and of course tennis shoes!

 cute-workout-clothesAnd if you’re doing it right in the gym, you’re probably getting in shape and will likely require a new size in clothes, outside the gym too! Naturally, this can get costly, so keep your options open! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my labels…..from my Louis Vuitton handbag to Coach boots! But I am the first person in line when Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls have a clearance sale! And my one of my favorite sports bras was snagged for $3 at Wal-Mart!

8  Bangin’ body
Need I say more? While there are LOT’s of internal health benefits to spending the in the gym and eating healthy, I’d be a damn lie, if I didn’t admit it just feels good to look good! I don’t apprehensively try on clothes anymore, wondering if this is going to empharock any outfitsize my muffin top or make my butt look too wide. I’m trying to rock, short, tight, backless, sleeveless…whatever I can get away with. Yep…pretty much everything looks good on a body that is in shape.

     New Fit friends9
This was a completely unexpected and nice surprise of discovering this world of fitness. You can meet and make a new circle of friends who will motivate and inspire you. We friendsalready know that the balancing act we perform every day isn’t easy. So, it’s great meeting other women who are mastering multiple priorities and can share how they do it…and reassure you if you don’t. And it’s just nice to have someone who completely gets this aspect of your life, without having to explain, defend or justify.

While, this really doesn’t fall under the category of girly, it is an important one, so I’ll share.
I was soooo not blessed with the virtue of patience. As far as I’m concerned everything should have been done yesterday! But when it comes to fitness you have no choice but to learn and appreciate the steps that it takes to accomplish your goal. Going through the process of several months of specific diet and exercise all for 5 minutes on stage, or losing 20lbs, IS the definition of patience.
There is no other way to successfully lose fat or build muscle, other than to take small steps one day at a time. This understanding translates into so many areas of life including, education, raising kids and work. I believe I’m much more patience and better at EVERYTHING I do because of working out!

Well, there you have it 10 super girly reasons you should be getting fit!  If that doesn’t convice you to step foot in a gym and put down the donut then I don’t know what else will! 🙂


P.S.  You won’t get bulky!

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  1. f5lifestyle says:

    I wish all this clean eating would help MY mails! I think I was “blessed” with the most thin-easy to tear-nails God ever created.But I have noticed my skin improve!

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