Break Through


This book was born out of a million social media posts, Youtube videos and blog posts in response to a multitude of questions I’ve been asked over the years. I’ve been fortunate to be in this industry for a fair while and have learnt a range of valuable lessons along the way.

I never intended to write a book, but this book was requested by those I’ve supported along the way. I hesitated for a couple of years before deciding it was time to take the leap.

It got to a point were answering one-off, individual questions meant I was answering the same questions time and time again. I needed a vehicle to help me get these answers out there for anyone who needed them.


So much about our health is integrated with other various aspects of our lifestyle. So to truly help, I needed to address so much more than just the surface question being asked.

To truly help I wanted to offer something that women could digest in their own time (and multiple times if need be) so that it has the lasting impact she’s looking for.

Women inspire me every day. How strong we all are in our own little way. Women all deserve to be the very best women they can be. I simply decided to give them a useful tool to be at their best.