Camp Gorgo 2016

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Camp Gorgo 2016

I did it! I finally did it!  I FINALLY made it to Camp Gorgo!


I was beyond excited, not to mention, long overdue to meet the women at Camp Gorgo. I just couldn’t wait to embrace the weekend and….the bonding!  Ok.  Ok….there!  I said it!  The ‘bonding’.  I make it sound like a bad word or something, but ugh….but I am soooo not a ‘girl bonding’ kind of girl.  It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s not ME.  I’m just not the woman you can throw into a group of other women and assume that we’ll ‘bond’ because we are women.  While some can bond over Pinterest boards and 50 shades of Grey, I have found it a little more difficult in the past.  But even after a 24 hour day of travel (Yep!  Literally.  I lfet my house at 4:30am and arrived at my destination at 5a!  LOL…don’t ask!) I was excited about being taken in by all things girl bonding.  Do you want to know why?  Because this isn’t your average group of girls.  We are Gorgo Girls!  And hell yes there is a difference.  Let’s be clear that ALL women are all powerful.  But it’s the Gorgo Girl who is breaking into that power with a fierce determination to live her life using the strength she knows she is capable of.  These are my kind of women.  This is my tribe.  And you bet your glutes that the camp lived up to every expectation!  You want to know what badass looks like?  Take a 100 or so women and them from their work. Remove them from their significant other.  Remove them from their children.  And over the course of a weekend participate in classes that let them lift like a BEAST, discover PR’s, pose with Pro’s, sculpt their body and wreck bags.  Then come together as a group of run, climb and build each other up, get dress up dance and sweat it out while outfitted in tutu’s and nikes!  Yep….. bad ass all the way around.  The look and feel of this energy cannot be described, it has to be experienced.  And I missed out for far too long.


This is the 3rd annual camp, but my first time going.  There were a lot of reasons why I haven’t attended in the past most of them being logistical.  But, if I’m just being honest there was a small amount of fear of not fitting in, due to me not being the bonding type.  Which is ridiculous.  But over the years I’ve been learning about and overcoming my self-limiting beliefs.  And as we disused in the ‘body positivity’ group session we had, we have the ability to affect real change over these things if we are willing to confront them.  So finally attending Camp Gorgo for the first time in 3 years and naturally and comfortably being adopted as one of the leaders of this tribe, was a powerful shift for me.  It is mostly from the work I’ve done on myself, but also a testament to the strength of these women that come together and have the power to penetrate a lifetime of fears and transform a self-perception.  Yep….badass


Anyway, I’m bringing home with me some of this magic. And that’s one of the best parts about the camp.  There are so many ways to stay connected to our tribe of powerful women and even pay it forward by helping other women tap into their strengths with opportunities like the Barbell project.  Stay tuned for more on this.  This is going to be a game changer.


I could go on and on about all the amazing evens and phenomenal women but I would just encourage you to get connected and come see for yourself next year. Join our tribe.










P.S. Take a look at our awesome black light Piyo night! And I here’s a compilation of my snaps from my trip from hell….LOL!




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