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Energy Bits Review: The good, the bad and the ALGAE

I’ll admit, I was a bit apprehensive when I was first asked to review the Energy Bits.  I look them up online and immediately thought…algae?  Really?  The apprehension grew when they arrived in the mail and I saw that they were actually dark green…just like real algae!  LOL…I’m not sure what I thought they would…
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Operation Trick Kids Into Healthy Eating: Asian Burritos!

        Another new garden fresh favorite! Needed to use up extra Boston leaf lettuce and eggplant from the garden. So, I made Asian lettuce “burritos” (calling it a burrito instead of a wrap helped it past muster for the kids).   You will need: Onion Garlic Extra Lean Ground Turkey Eggplant (diced)…
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Operation Trick Hubby Into Healthy Eating: "Alfredo" Sauce

This was a hit!  He never knew he wasn’t eating jarred alfredo sauce from the grocery store.  This was the perfect alternative to the high fat, high sodium, high caloric brands normally used when having alfredo. Ingredients Silken Non-GMO Organic Tofu almond milk Onion Garlic Mushroom Spinach Salt Pepper Parmesan Cheese Instructions Blend the tofu,…
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