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It only sucks at first….lol!

Lol….most of the things you want require effort that SUCKS at first! But no one can go through it for you. You have to get started for yourself and soon realize how quickly it gets replaced with awesome. Get up. Let’s go. Everything you want is waiting for you! #mondaymotivation #riseandgrind #cantstopwontstop #getstarted

Falling Splits

It WAS a beautiful #sundayfunday in the bay. But in true NorCal fashion, it flipped the switch real quick, but not before I got to capture this! I’m soooo proud of myself because I’ve struggled with my standing balances. So this was a little wobbly, but I did a #vinyasa to #standingplits (lol…kinda) to #warrior3…
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Me Time

Good morning! I hope you are finding your “me” time. YOU are too important to go unfulfilled. And those you love and love you back want nothing more FOR you, than to be happy. Taking care of yourself is an act of love for everyone #sundayfunday #loveyourselffirst #findmetime  

Basics – Triceps Pushups

Let’s not forget basic calisthenics!  I hate them, but a very effective triceps exercise is triceps push-ups. Get those hands under your chest and your elbows should scrape the sides of your body as you go up and down. When doing body weight only exercises aim to hit double digit reps. Today I hit 12…
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#FitFam on the Move!

My #fitfam is on the move! Gym. Karate. Swim…..then maybe a movie and chill later. #happysaturday   And that’s a wrap…for now! Delts and tri’s done!    

I Love The Smith Machine

Happy Friday!  I’m going to share ONLY ONE of my dirty little secrets!  I NEVER squat!  Well not in the traditional bodybuilder sense in the squat rack. My body is out of whack due to some muscle imbalances (that I’m working on) but it causes my squat form to be terrible. So I perform almost…
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#FlexFriday from HR

Everyone got paid today and is happy! No calls about missing checks…missing hours….or missing anything. So, I’m a happy girl! #flexingonthem #HRlady

Back Stretching Inversion

Maaaaan! The second day DOMS was no joke from that heavy back day I had on Tuesday. So, I was on a mission to loosen up my back this morning and get some relief. And you know that if I can find a way to do it upside down I’m a happy girl! #thankfulthursday

Today was a Good Day

#allblackeverything is always a good day! #flexingonthem  

Bowling Belles

Lol….here’s a #throwbackthursday for you! This was about 4 years ago, but it feels like a lifetime! Lol….I think I look like a baby, but I was 32! It was a SUPER random photo shoot in a bowling alley for a calendar called “Bowling Belles”. I don’t remember what month I got, but it was…
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