Energy Bits Review: The good, the bad and the ALGAE

Energy Bits Review: The good, the bad and the ALGAE


I’ll admit, I was a bit apprehensive when I was first asked to review the Energy Bits.  I look them up online and immediately thought…algae?  Really?  The apprehension grew when they arrived in the mail and I saw that they were actually dark green…just like real algae!  LOL…I’m not sure what I thought they would look like.  I guess I was subconsciously anticipating something else.  Pink, fluffy melt in your mouth cotton candy maybe?  Well, after picking one up and thoroughly inspecting it, (and when I say “thoroughly”, I mean look at it with one eye closed, sniffing it and then pinching it between two fingers), I’m not exactly sure what I was inspecting it for.  But, whatever “it” was, it passed muster and I threw it in my mouth.  Besides being crunchy, it is almost impossible to describe eating it.  I’ve never eaten algae before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  The good news is that is that it didn’t taste bad, but I couldn’t call it good either.  After eating a second bit I waited a while to see what I would feel like.  And wait and waited.  I finally decided to read the directions that come with the bits and immediately saw the issue….the directions call for at least 30 bits!  LOL!  No wonder my mere 2 bits didn’t register!

IMG_4590Eager to feel the effects of the algae, I counted out 30 bits and threw them in my mouth. Um….yeah…that didn’t work so well! LOL… I tried to remember the last time I put 30 of anything in my mouth and drew a blank.  So I spit them all out and counted out half, which I threw back in my mouth.  I crunched through the first half and then the other.  I was at work and got caught up handling a variety of human resources issues, but I noticed at some point that I was just buzzing right along and hadn’t touched my coffee.  While I don’t remember feeling any particular sensations, I was having a VERY productive afternoon.  Normally, come 3pm my need to refuel forces me out of my chair to grab some coffee, my afternoon snack and a stroll around the office to stretch.  Well my hunger, rather than my need for caffeine, is what caught my attention and I realized I was still going strong off the Energy Bits!  And it was LEG DAY!!!  Normally, I’m a slow moving, hungry beast by 3pm.  So at almost 4pm, to be energetically plugging away at my day and without endless cups of coffee actually caught me off guard.  And later looking at the nutritional info again, seeing that the bits are 60% protein helped me understand why I wasn’t famished, even though I missed my normal snack time.

I decided that I wanted to try the bits on a Saturday to see how I’d hold up.  Like most mom’s Saturdays are filled with errands, kids activities, and trying to get stuff done around the bag_new_with_facebook_energyhouse AFTER a morning workout.  So, after stepping foot in the door, after getting back from the gym, the kids each commandeered one of my legs.  I’m glad I had the bits, which I was able to just throw in my mouth because navigating my way to the coffee machine and waiting for it to brew would have felt like eternity with two kids literally climbing on me.  Well, it was a non-stop whirlwind of a day from there, not stopping until dinner time and I will say that the bits really kept my energy levels up.  And in my efforts to incorporate as many sustainable and natural elements into my lifestyle, this definitely fits the bill

So, after all was said and done my thoughts are;

Pro’s – they REALLY work, no crashing or jitters, long lasting, convenient, all natural, a protein source

Con’s – if you chose to chew them (which you don’t have to, you can swallow them) I had a brief green residue on my teeth, that went away after a few swipes of my tongue.  And while they don’t taste bad, they don’t taste great either. *FINAL_Health_Benefits_Comparison_Chart_8

And come to find out they offer other types of bits too!  Recovery Bits, Vitality  Bits and Skinny Bits, in addition to the Energy Bits.  I’m always have a bit of trepidations as we head into cold and flu season, wanting to make sure I don’t get sick and doing everything I can to ward off the nasties my kids are exposed to at school and daycare.  So the Recovery and Vitality Bits sound intriguing.  Not being a fan of over the counter medication, I am interested in seeing how this might work for the family.

For those of you who are interested, the team at Energy Bits are offering a discount code!  You can use HWFITNESS at checkout and receive 20% off your order!

To learn more about Energy Bits, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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*However, in thinking about the taste I kind of liken them to tequila shots.  Most tequila can be described as not tasting bad, per se, but rarely would you call it good either.  But, we don’t take tequila for the taste; we take it for the effect.  So, if your desired outcome is more and long lasting energy, you can easily move past that or just swallow them.


Has anyone else tried Energy Bits?  I would love to hear your take on them too!


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