Fit Mom FB Metabolic Workout

Fit Mom FB Metabolic Workout

Ok guys…. This was YOUR workout! I took your suggested exercises and a few of my own to create this awesome total body metabolic workout. It felt awesome and kicked my butt!

Burpees w/a push-up at the bottom and tuck jump at the top -10x for 4 sets Squat 1-arm rows – 15 reps, superset with 1arm upright row to shoulder press -15 reps for 4 sets

Cable kickbacks -10 reps, super set with pull ups – 5 reps for 4 sets

Prisoner step ups – 10x, superset with Palm to forearm planks -10x for 4 sets

Treadmill run – 20 sec (lol…sometimes 18sec) for 10 sets

Ninja jumps to box jumps – 5x, super set with renegade rows w/ push-up for 4 sets

Squats jumps – 15x, giant set with plank jumps – 15x and plank tucks – 10x for 4 sets


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