I lift Heavy….But NOT Like a Man

I lift Heavy….But NOT Like a Man


RANT: LOL…you know, some days there is just no telling what will set me off.  Today, I saw something about “lifting like a man, BUT_____ like a woman” and felt my feminist, hear me roar, girl power, mama bear come out. I’ve seen this a million times, but today for some reason, it was irritating. Hey…here’s a news flash. We do NOTHING like a man, because we are WOMEN. So, if a woman’s doing it, we’re doing like a WOMAN. I know…I know…I get the idea….challenge stereotypes. But similar to the issue of telling people they run/throw/hit like a girl, lifting is no different and I don’t accept it. Hell, I lift more AND better than most of the men at my gym! Haha…..Lifting like a man could be a huge step backwards….I’m Just SAYING!!!


We, as women, are so beautifully complex and should proudly lift like a woman. If anything, men should be shaking their head in wonder at how we do it all and wanting to “______ like a woman, but _____ like a man”


I found myself typing this up to vent a little bit. LOL…I’m a poet and didn’t know it #LiftLikeaWoman

not a man

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