Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa

Can you tell us a little about yourself (name, age, occupation, and family)black suit

Melissa Tucker, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Keynote Speaker, Pro Figure Athlete and Business Owner

What sparked your interest in training?

hairI turned to weight training to regain my fitness and health after living & working the fashion industry in China for almost three years. It was very difficult to even find a gym outside of the hotel’s few hand weights and outdated cardio equipment. So when I returned to Toronto in 2000 it wasn’t even an option to not go get my butt to the gym and firm things up!

How would you describe your body before you began training? 

I was “skinny fat” with no energy and low self-esteem. The time in the gym was me against me and I loved how every workout made me feel.

What is your current weekly training routine?

I lift 4-5 days per week and enjoy cardio 6 days per week. I take one day off.

How often do you do cardio?

back shirtIt varies in duration but I LOVE my morning me time so usually 6 days per week. And on my off day I enjoy taking my dog for a nice brisk walk.

Do you have a favorite body part to train?

I love each body part for different reasons. Top would probably be shoulders & legs. I love training arms…but don’t very frequently because they will overpower the symmetry of my upper body. What exercise do you like to use for it? I rarely do the same workout twice. I love adding little MT tweaks to things to hit the muscle form different angles.

I personally love your back! What advice can you offer me and NaFiMo readers on how to obtain a back like yours? black back

First off thank you! When I first started lifting my back was my weakest body part. So that made it my mission to build it. For improved posture, and total body strength a strong back is a must. Especially being 5’11 on stage competing in figure, the ¼ turn to the rear wins or loses a show, and I like to win! (smiling)

Do you track calories? Macros? How do you determine your nutrition intake?

I work with Macro nutrient ratios, which equivocates to calorie tracking, it just won’t drive you bonkers considering most food labels are not 100% accurate with their nutritional labeling to rely on that method. I don’t believe that “A calorie is a calorie” Where your calories are coming from totally counts. You are what you eat. I’m to a point now that I have learned to listen to what my body needs & I work with Sport Nutrition Coaches to expand my knowledge when I’m prepping for events or shoots etc. I having been working with Nathan Harewood out of Calgary for the past 4 years and my body continue to juice

 What does your daily diet normally consist of?

It varies. I Love food and as a culinary arts grad I love cooking. I eat “clean” the majority of the time and enjoy delicious planned indulgences as well. It’s all about balance.

 I love your collection of “Fitlicious” recipes. Do you have a favorite to recommend to your new followers?

All of my favorites will be in my upcoming Fitlicious Cookbook. Digital release will come first in time for the new year.

 How do you deal with cravings?

“Cravings “are mental, so I deal with what is really eating at me or if there is a food I really love and enjoy I create a healthy Whole food “Fitlicious” version of so I can eat it without derailing my diet plan or training routine.

What is your favorite workout song?

The only Favorite I have ifitlicouss my favorite colour is Pink. Everything else seems to have a season…. I will get onto one track, and play it on repeat for an entire workout then two weeks later, switch to something else. I actually stopped listening to my head set for this past month and my workouts have been fantastic. You can go to and download my free TLC mixes for your cardio though.

 Your MT quotes are great. Where do YOU get your inspiration from?

Thank you, I love words, I love learning. I am always taking a class in something and read about 3 books/week. My quotes are inspired through by my travels & the people I meet, my clients, my family, my friends. I’m most creative when I am doing my cardio.

 You are a Peak Performance Product Ambassador. What products of theirs do you particularly like?

My stack is listed in their Fall Newsletter below.


What keeps you motivated on tough days?

Tough Days are gifts to challenge you to step up, adjust and survive! “Tough Days” can make you better and define who you are.

 What are you most proud of?

I don’t often use the word “Proud” I feel most pleased and fulfilled on the days when I wake up with thanks, invite smilewhat is in store, set my intention & know when I rest my head back down at the end of the day I have given it my all and been authentic with myself and the people in my life.

 What tips do you have for a beginner just starting out in the industry?

Do what you love to do and success will follow. Use mentors, coaches and experts in the field of what you want to master. You are what you surround yourself with so dive in!

 What is next for you? What goals do you have in mind?

I am super excited to be moving into corporate and larger group Keynote speaking. As the Athlete Ambassador for FINAO Nation. is an online compilationcommunity platform that promotes and supports living a goal driven life Fueled by your FINAO. It enables the members to Unleash Their Full Potential in any area of life by adapting the mind set that Failure Is Not An Option. I have signed on with FINAO Speakers Bureau to present Motivational Keynote talks and support seminars to help people around the world Unleash their Athlete Within as well as Fuel The Athlete Within through proper nutrition. My set goal with presenting is to expand bookings to go Global by 2015 and getting a TED talks invitation would be pretty sweet. (smiling)

 Where can people find you?

My website: , My Blog: and Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

It’s been a pleasure! Do you have any final words or a favorite quote to share with the readers of NaFiMo?

Thank you for this interview and to all the NaFiMo Readers… 

Anything IS Possible when you believe That Failure Is Not An Option.



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  1. LA Muse says:

    Great article! I can attest to the fact that Melissa Tucker is everything she says she is. She walks the talk and her hard work, discipline and dedication have been a personal place of inspiration for me. If you get a chance to do something with your health and fitness that you never thought was possible, allow Melissa to guide your journey. You’ll be in good hands!

  2. Loved this interview! MT is the real deal. Her positive approach and enthusiasm to all aspects of life is inspiring, motivating and admirable- she’s a great woman who will surely elevate you beyond your current state.

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