Mindset Mentor


People think knowledge is power.
I actually think the true quote should be, “the application of knowledge is power”.
It is safe to say that most adults know that they should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and be more active. But why don’t most adults apply this knowledge to have the power over something as important as their health? It is my opinion that we are missing the practical application of this knowledge, which is stopping us from achieving our full potential. Part of my passion and skill set, as a professional in Human Resources and an Undergraduate Adjunct Professor is translation, is taking the seemingly complicated and complex and making it feel simple and easy to understand.


Whether it is policy/procedure, a 20-page paper, or in this case your health, I live for those aha moments!
Those moments where I can see the switch has been flipped and light illuminate in someone’s eyes. I also believe it helps that I am not just an educator, but a practitioner. I practice what I preach and wouldn’t ask anyone to do something I don’t do myself.
Immersed in this real life with you, I fully understand and appreciate the large and small detours that life has in store, and therefore our responsibility to not just stay the course, but also enjoy the journey. Sharing this experience together makes all the difference in the world.

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