My "Natural Fit Kid"

My "Natural Fit Kid"

I swear I could cry with pride! My sister was watching my daughter and sent me this picture of the what my daughter wrote!
“Being strong is more then being beautiful. It means the strength the work and the struggle. And it may be very hard working out it may make you grumpy or tired but you did hard work.” -Savannah age 6 1/2




Like most moms, I feel pangs of guilt every now and then and question myself. Do I work out too much? Should I just go ahead and give them juice/candy like their friends? Etc And then I get to watch her enthusiastically grow into such a little powerhouse and her desire to be “Natural Fit Kid”…my heart swells with pride and I’m comforted, knowing I’m doing the right thing for both of us. LOL…yeah, there is a little narcissism in there, watching her try and imitate me…but I have every hope that she’ll grow to be even stronger.


fit kid

“It’s easier to raise strong kids, than to fix broken adults”

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  1. Dawn says:

    I know you are a very proud mom. You are raising a very bright young lady.

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