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#FlexFriday from HR

Everyone got paid today and is happy! No calls about missing checks…missing hours….or missing anything. So, I’m a happy girl! #flexingonthem #HRlady

Back Stretching Inversion

Maaaaan! The second day DOMS was no joke from that heavy back day I had on Tuesday. So, I was on a mission to loosen up my back this morning and get some relief. And you know that if I can find a way to do it upside down I’m a happy girl! #thankfulthursday

Today was a Good Day

#allblackeverything is always a good day! #flexingonthem  

Bowling Belles

Lol….here’s a #throwbackthursday for you! This was about 4 years ago, but it feels like a lifetime! Lol….I think I look like a baby, but I was 32! It was a SUPER random photo shoot in a bowling alley for a calendar called “Bowling Belles”. I don’t remember what month I got, but it was…
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Hump Day Cardio

Happy #humpday  I hit the turf this morning for some cardio and now I need a nap!  Here’s just a few clips of how I tortured myself this morning!

A Much Needed Heavy Lift

  Hell yes it was….it was back day today! If you see my snaps you know why I need to go throw around some heavy weight after work. And today was just one of those days…lol! So I went in and took care of business….my business….mind, body and soul restored! #strongbacksdontbreak

Turnt Up and Twisted…. on a Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Time to get #turntupsidedown and twisted!

My Phallic Garden

Lol….FB reminded me that 3 years ago today, I produced these in my phallic ???? shaped garden! I don’t know why I didn’t plant cucumber OR eggplant this year. Lol…they obviously do quite well in my garden ????????????????????????  

It's a New Day!!!

Today is a new day. Do not start today with the broken pieces or abundance of yesterday. You must approach the day with the innocence, excitement and energy as though you’ve had no past. No debits or credits are carried over, you GET the opportunity to start fresh and/or be amazing again! What a gift….…
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Tired but….

Good morning and happy Monday! It’s just before 4a…..I woke up NOT feeling it today. But by definition, commitment doing what you say you’re going to do, even after the desire to do it has passed. I’m committed….. I never quit on myself. So, here we go! Up next yoga and #legday !!!