Who asked YOU??!!

Who asked YOU??!!

UGH…..Sorry, but I need to RANT about this!

Is this necessary? A part of me wants to scream “leave her alone!” yet, another part wants to roll my eyes and say “DUH, she’s photoshopped!!” But most of all I just want to yell to the world to get over it! NO ONE…not even the one of the (arguably) most famous and wealthy voices, with all the resources (trainer, coach, chef, time, money, etc.) look like what expect. Who are we modeling ourselves after, if no one looks like that without photoshop? Part of me feels bad that she feels the need to fake herself, when she is so incredibly talented and should feel no need to pretend to be something she is not (BTW, does she just never plan on doing live appearances, so that everyone can see for themselves the difference??!!) But the another part of me wants to blame her for perpetuating this unattainable stereotype.

I am particularly sensitive right now to peoples unsolicited feedback on female bodies, as I’ve been told 3 times…yes THREE times something to the effect of…..” I want to get fit BUT not look like you” or “women don’t want to look like you”, yet asking for my help in the last week. When did it become ok to just start randomly commenting negatively about a woman’s body? Who decided what/who we should be compared to, to determine if we are acceptable or not? Hey…guess what??!! I don’t want to look like you either! “For I AM fearfully and wonderfully made”

LOL…forgive me for letting PMS get the best of me and needing vent a little bit. This is a health and fitness page, here to help support and promote women who are in search of ways to achieve all of the benefits of a healthful life. But far too often, both food and exercise, are abused, over AND underutilized because of insignificant fools who feel the need to FAT and FIT shame women into some unrealistic ideal. JUST SHUT UP already! Or try taking an attractive photo of yourself and upload it to the internet, (if you think you’re someone who has room to talk), any time you want to offer voluntary commentary on another woman’s body.

Jeez…can’t we just collectively agree that we are all different. That no one is perfect. And just stop the charades? Wouldn’t that just feel better? To just feel accepted as you are, as opposed to criticized for not being the image NO ONE is? Well, it starts with us…

UGH…I’m done



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