My name is Cassandra Delynn, the Oprah of fitness and formally known as “Natural Fit Mom”. I am a single mother of 2, from the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. I have the full-time career that I love and have earned an MBA , PHR and CPT along the way. I am a natural hair lover, book lover, Professional Natural Bodybuilder and aspiring Yogi.

I believe that everything has energy. I believe in abundance. I believe in being self-indulgent. I believe in health over fitness (yes there is a difference). I’m recovering (from a multitude of things) EVERY day. And I believe you can have it all. Every.Damn.Bit.



I was not a child athlete or super fit and healthy woman growing up. As a wife and mother who was struggling to lose the baby weight, I just had enough. I refused to be on a diet forever and literally felt like I was losing my mind trying to understand how this all works. I vividly remember feeling that, looking like ‘those’ women was impossible. I was broke. I had no nanny. I had no personal chef (because in my mind clearly they all had help). I had no hope.

Believe me when I say ‘I get it’. I am a woman, who just like you, just wanted to feel good again. I wanted to be proud of myself and confident that there was a program out there that would work for me. What I found was that when the program ended, so did my results. With a promise to myself that I would never diet for a vacation, wedding or Halloween costume EVER again, I learned about living the lifestyle. My intention is to offer a much needed guide to living the lifestyle you always dreamed about living. Just like you, I am a modern woman who’s juggling multiple priorities, while trying to prioritize self care. With this real life, life experience, I am helping women breakthrough into the strong, successful, confident, soul satisfied, healthy and fit woman that is aching to be set free.