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NaFiMo FB Friends Leg Workout!

You guys did it again!  You WORKED me!  I did took several of your suggested leg exercises and a couple of my own, and arranged them into 5 super sets.   I finished off today’s leg day with a nice slow, but intense 10 minutes on the elliptical, set at level 20 incline and level 15…
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I lift Heavy….But NOT Like a Man

  RANT: LOL…you know, some days there is just no telling what will set me off.  Today, I saw something about “lifting like a man, BUT_____ like a woman” and felt my feminist, hear me roar, girl power, mama bear come out. I’ve seen this a million times, but today for some reason, it was…
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Fit Mom FB Metabolic Workout

Ok guys…. This was YOUR workout! I took your suggested exercises and a few of my own to create this awesome total body metabolic workout. It felt awesome and kicked my butt! Burpees w/a push-up at the bottom and tuck jump at the top -10x for 4 sets Squat 1-arm rows – 15 reps, superset…
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Cable Leg Circuit!