As a busy, working women we know that our health (or lack thereof) affects every aspect of life. And so, it makes sense that every aspect of life affects our health. As a busy working mother, Cassandra Delynn is right alongside you, learning and sharing the lessons about how to make it all work. As the Coach for working women, she is helping women improve their quality of life through understanding that the hour in the gym is the easy part and talking about the other 23 hours of the day

The hour in the gym is the easy part…let’s talk about the other 23 hours of the day

The Truth About Nutrition is Abundance!

Your body is not made for, nor will it respond positively to restriction.

Every week for the next 4 weeks you will ADD to your current nutrition program. We are going to change our mindset and approach to what we consume, by focusing and prioritizing the various components that make up a wholesome nutrition plan. The goal is to focus on and enjoy the abundance of all the good stuff. And over time you’ll notice that the overflow of good stuff, doesn’t leave much room for the bad.

One Less Thing on Your Plate – Elimination Diet Coaching

We spend too much time and energy on deciding on and feeling guilty about what we eat. You can finally and literally, have one less thing on your plate to think about! Let’s get this figured out and move on!

This program will take you through 5 weeks of elimination diet coaching including the prep, the elimination and the re-introduction. Providing much needed support and guidance the entire way through.

This is a diet that every woman should do at least one time in her life to FINALLY learn about her body and what makes it happy.In 5 short weeks you can learn almost everything you need to know about what does and doesn’t work for your body and therefore never have to guess again. You will be armed with the real life experience of how to live a lifestyle that works with your health and fitness goals.

How great would it be to never have to go on a diet again?!Learn how to stay ready so you never have to get ready!

Achieve Health, Achieve Success – Overcoming Self-Limiting Behaviors Coaching

Have you ever noticed that as soon as people become successful one of the first things they do is invest in their health? Well, it works the opposite too! You can invest in your health and allow it to help you achieve success! We’ve all heard it before…health is wealth!

In this program, we will take the steps needed to begin to unravel the self-limiting beliefs that have so far prevented or stalled your health and fitness goals. It is a deep dive and intimate look into the how and why you’ve adopted a mentality, behaviors and ultimately a lifestyle that is not consistent with your true intentions. It is a journey of self-discovery that requires vulnerability and radical honesty and will remove any perceived obstacle from your path.

This program is for the person who is more than sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is for the person who realizes the time is now and it’s up to them.

Healthy Mindset Mentoring

This program is for the person who has a diet that they feel good on, and/or a workout that they really enjoy already, but have hit a plateau. You feel pretty good in your skin, but know that it does not necessarily reflect the work you put in. Your next step is exploring mindset and making little tweaks to refine the mentality that creates habits, which becomes the lifestyle you are living.